About Stellar

With Stellar, sending money can be as easy as sending an email. The Stellar network provides a quick and almost free way to send payments between different parties in any assets. The folks over at Lumenauts have made some explainer videos, which are a great way to learn more about the Stellar network.


The basic currency used on the Stellar network is called "lumens" and is mostly represented with the following ticker: "XLM". Click the following link to learn more about lumens:


You can convert lumens into most currencies in the world through online digital currency exchanges. Find a full list of Stellar exchanges on CoinMarketCap.

Minimum Account Balance

There is a minimum balance of lumens for every stellar account. Any transaction that would reduce an account’s balance to less than the minimum will be rejected with an INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE error.

Use the following formula to calculate the minimum account balance for your account:

(2 + # of entries) × 0.5 XLM
Examples of entries: trustlines, offers, signers and data entries

Click the following link to read more about minimum account balance:

About assets

The Stellar distributed network can be used to track, hold, and transfer any type of asset: dollars, euros, bitcoin, stocks, gold, and other tokens of value. Any asset on the network can be traded and exchanged with any other. Watch the following video by Luenauts for further information:

Stellar Decentralized Exchange (Stellar DEX)

The Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX) stores the order book on-ledger, settles transactions on-ledger, and has matchmaking built into the protocol.


Signatures are used for authorizing transactions on the Stellar network. Most transactions only require authorization from one signature from an account. There are however situations when transactions require more than one signatures, e.g. when the transaction has operations that affect more than one account. "Multi-signature" refers to a situation in which more than one signatures are required for authorization of a transaction. Click the following link to learn more about multi-signature: https://www.stellar.org/developers/guides/concepts/multi-sig.html

Nodes, Network, & Ledger

Click the following link to take the free online course by Lumenauts to learn more about Stellar:

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