Solar is a free and open source wallet app for Stellar. It is created by SatoshiPay with the explicit goal of making a business-friendly wallet which emphasizes speed, a smooth user experience (UX), and security.

Key Features

  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • 100% free & open source
  • Multi-signature accounts and transactions
  • Asset/token management
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX) integration (trade interface)
  • Non-custodial key storage (your secret key is stored on your device only)
  • Testnet support

Available for

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

# Background

At SatoshiPay we needed an easy-to-use Stellar wallet for all major platforms that offered enterprise-grade security features. So we built it. The wallet is 100% free (and the core product will remain so), but in future we might add enterprise features, which will come at a cost.

# Privacy and Security

# Non-Custodial

Solar is a non-custodial wallet. That means your secret key is never disclosed to anyone, not even to us. This way we help you keep the secret key safe, so no one except you will ever be able to control the funds in your wallet.

# Privacy Policy

To learn more about our privacy policy, please click the following link: